Moving motivators game: a powerfull tool to integrate a new member in your team

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When it’s time to welcome a newcomer in my team, my favorite exercise is to organize a moving motivators session with the whole team. This practice comes from Management 3.0.

How I use the practice

To set it up, I usually download the cards, print them and laminate them so we can manipulate easily the cards. This year, we tested it remotely, and it worked as well as in real life!

To do so, we used Mural, but the are many other tools that can fit your needs.

Then, we took one hour with the whole team, including the manager, to discuss our intrinsic motivations:

  • Each team member takes ten minutes individually to order the cards: the most important at the left, and the less important at the right.
  • We also use the vertical axis to indicate how much this motivation is fulfilled in our job today: the highest is the card, the highest your motivation is fulfilled.
  • Then, each team member has ten minutes to share why the 3 cards on the left are so important, and why the 3 cards on the right are less important.

What I learned as a facilitator

By doing this exercise each time there is a newcomer in the team, I noticed that:

  • The team get to know each other better, and it can light up why sometimes, you feel like you don’t understand your colleague, or you feel you’re not understood by your colleague: it’s just what motivate him doesn’t motivate you and vice versa.
  • They get to know themselves better. The benefit of doing this exercise each time there is someone new in the team is that you can see the evolution in your motivation domains.

So, don’t forget to ask each member to take a picture of his cards, so they can see the difference (or not) next time. The other benefit is that you can realize that some of the items you put on the right side of the list can be demotivating for you. For example, if someone asks me to accept a mission so that it can improve my status, I won’t be motivated because I will think this is not a good reason to do something.

What I want to try next time

Next time, I will try one of my colleague suggestion: ask each member to think about what he could do this year:

  • To raise his identified low motivations
  • To keep his highest motivations
  • To help motivate his teammates

I cannot recommend a better exercise to integrate a newcomer in a team!

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